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Beyond Caring is currently offering Telehealth and in-home (depending on location) services to make mental health care more accessible because it understands the complexity and sometimes limitations that exist to get to an office. 


Beyond Caring is committed to  focusing on client strengths and working collaboratively to effectively implement strategies to address the challenges that cause chaos in our daily lives.

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Maribel Benavides

             I am a psychotherapist, child development consultant, and a parent of two children with very different personalities.

          In my years of clinical experience in maternal and child health care, I have been able to support families to enjoy motherhood, parenting, and well-balanced lives.  It has been my great pleasure helping them navigate and overcome challenges caused by emotional issues, unhealthy habits, relationship stress, life transitions, and/or parenting difficulties that might have compromised the children's development.

          If you can relate, you no longer need to feel confused, overwhelmed, and unsupported. And if you feel determined to receive help to nurture your emotional well-being, lead a healthy life, and build a strong foundation for your children, I can support you explore unhealthy patterns, face worries/fears, learn coping skills, develop a greater sense of confidence, and improve your functioning and interaction/relationship with others.  

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You have the power to prosper and be joyful and I can support you throughout the process of discovering and conserving it. So lets delight in moments of connections while balancing meeting your needs and those of your loved ones. 

Education, Licensing and Trainings

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 

  • Master of Social Work 

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Infant Family Specialist (IMH-E)

  • Qualified Supervisor

Professional Affiliations  

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