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Beyond Caring is currently offering Telehealth and in-home (depending on location) services to make mental health care more accessible because it understands the complexity and sometimes limitations that exist to get to an office. 


Beyond Caring is committed to  focusing on client strengths and working collaboratively to effectively implement strategies to address the challenges that cause chaos in our daily lives.

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Maribel Benavides

             I am a psychotherapist, child development expert, and a parent of two children with very different personalities.

             I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW )with 10 years of experience in the field of Maternal and Child Health and 3 years in Infant Mental Health assisting families navigate and improve health and wellness challenges through psychoeducation, prevention, counseling, and access to resources to meet ongoing and changing needs in all aspects of life.

           In working as a Mental Health Counselor, I am deeply committed to support individuals achieve healthy and balanced personal lives by overcoming challenges associated with emotional health concerns, relationship problems, family conflicts, stress management, prenatal-and postnatal support, and adjusting to life transitions.

             I am also an endorsed Infant Family Specialist (IMH-E) and in my three years as a Mental Health Consultant, I have come to firmly believe that promoting social-emotional development at an early age helps prepare children to deal with problems and build a strong and healthy foundation to better navigate the pressure of adult life and lead to future success. 

Education, Licensing and Trainings

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 

  • Master of Social Work 

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Infant Family Specialist (IMH-E)

  • Qualified Supervisor

Professional Affiliations  

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